TSOT060: Cali Suppresses Physicians from Sharing Their Opinion

Dec 24, 2022, 12:15 AM

Remember that whole trick where no matter how much we cite, when we're not a professional in the field then the disingenuous try to dismiss the facts we present?

Well, now Cali takes all the art and observation and experience that experts in the field DO cultivate, and tells them they cannot share their opinion, unless it already agrees with the "consensus" (narrative). To share any "maverick" or dissenting opinion is "professional misconduct." Making one wonder than how anything can be discussed that covers ANY nuance past what the Big Pharma glossy literature on their product is. 

Even as those closest to the situation are the ones MOST likely to have unique observations if something is going wrong. Even as the "consensus" is instead filled with a bunch of others not at the front lines of the field who instead are often just parroting what they're told.

Truly the beginning of the end of medical truth generally in California, and definitely and absolutely the end of it specifically for "Covid-19" and the mRNA-based sacred cow "solutions" to it. 

And absolutely the end of the doctor-patient relationship for covid-19 in California. If you ask a question, the doctor might have a certain opinion. If that opinion may not be absolutely straight down the middle of the common narrative, now he or she is professionally obligated to HIDE that opinion from you. To literally NOT recommend to you what he or she actually thinks is the best course. The physician is professionally obligated to either not give you any information, or to lie and tell you the mainstream narrative instead of what he or she actually knows. Yet it will still present to you as though it IS their advice. 

Also a quick preview on what I might cover next (though the subject is certainly tough to wrangle).

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