GET TALENT! | #23 | Confidential Searches

Episode 23,   Jan 26, 2023, 12:39 PM

The topic of this week’s episode is top secret!

The majority of jobs, especially executive roles, are filled through confidential searches. No, this isn’t top-secret spy stuff, but it is vital if you're trying to avoid alerting the marketplace or your team to a new role. Some things just need to stay on the down low! 

Learn from Ben and Danny about their experiences helping top mobility CEOs with confidential searches. They discuss how to fill these strategic roles and why a recruiting agency is beneficial to this process. As a bonus, hear tips for battling networking biases, talking to recruiters, and NDA alternatives. The secret is out: this is an episode you won’t want to miss.

01:46  What is a confidential search?
02:58  CNBC study: 70% of jobs aren’t published publicly
03:48  Reasons to conduct a confidential search
04:01  Replacing a current employee
05:12  Avoid alerting competitors 
05:47  Creating a new role outside existing internal talent
07:10  Restructuring without scaring employees 
07:34  The seniority level of most confidential search roles
08:49  How are these confidential jobs filled?
09:01  Networking and its bias
10:48  How executives assess for strategic roles
13:45  Why should a company use a recruiting agency for a confidential search?
13:56  Unbiased screening
14:14  Ability to sell the role confidentially 
14:38  Objective evaluation of the role for the candidate
16:52  Expedite the hiring process
19:16  The power of specialism
20:37  How recruiters help close the candidates
21:43  Indeed study: Average of 24 days to respond to candidate
24:07  Ben’s experience with confidential searches
27:33  Feedback from GLOMO’s strategic hires
28:50  Rethinking client roles and the best fits
29:30  The extra steps in executive sourcing
30:40  Best recruiting tips for confidential searches
30:58  Get as much information as possible
32:43  Put together a clear and detailed job description
33:45  Coordinate confidentiality with a recruiter 
34:07  What are the pros and cons of NDAs?
35:44  An alternative to NDAs
38:20  Talk to a recruiter about your next confidential search

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