Ep7 Danny Saggers - Plant Medicine

Season 5,   Jan 27, 2023, 05:00 AM

My guest this week is Danny Saggers. An ibiza resident who has been living on and off the island for the last 16 years. Danny has travelled & lived all over the world choosing to make Ibiza his home base. After a massive spiritual awakening with plant medicine almost a decade ago, Danny’s life took a 180 degree turn which put him onto a path focused on healing self and then helping others to do the same, whilst guiding them to find higher purpose in their lives.

His energy is focused in creating transformational retreats, life coaching, helping people to create ‘THE DESTINY OF THEIR DREAMS’, working with healing modalities including Kambo (an Amazonian frog medicine) and creating incredible dance event spaces under the project name LOVE Dance.

🗓 Saturday 4th February, 7PM - LATE…
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Find Danny on Insta @dannysaggers

And here is a link to some of his music

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