GET TALENT! | #24 | Love at First Candidate

Episode 24,   Feb 02, 2023, 01:04 PM

Are you ready to fall in love? 💖 But what if your candidate is just not that into you? 💔

The wooing, the butterflies, the future planning, the heartbreak…you don’t need dating apps to experience the emotional rollercoaster of finding a perfect match. It happens all the time in the hiring process!

If a company falls in love with a candidate that turns down the job, time, energy, and emotional investments can be a major setback. Ben and Danny (and Ben’s grandma?!) offer sage advice. Avoid getting overly attached to the first or A+ candidates, evaluate candidate interest, and make sure they’re in it for the long haul. If you like it, you better put a ring on it…after some due diligence and perspective! 

01:56  How hiring is like dating
02:50  What does falling in love with a candidate look like?
05:04  Why getting too attached to a candidate can cause problems
06:12  A+ players have options
07:16  ‘Beauty contests’ between candidates and companies
08:05  Confirmation bias
09:57  Desperation to fill a role
11:09  The emotional side of hiring
13:00  Ben’s experiences with candidates and clients falling in love
16:09  Playing the professional field
16:44  Warning signs that a candidate doesn’t reciprocate feelings
17:11  Not engaging with future plans
17:39  Revealing that they’re still interviewing with others
18:52  Match their commitment level
19:59  When is it appropriate to hire a candidate you love right away?
21:18  When there is conviction in both parties
22:14  How a recruiter can determine the candidate’s seriousness
22:58  External vs. internal recruiters
24:17  How to avoid getting attached to one candidate
24:22  Interviewing with at least two people
25:22  Using predictive and cultural index assessments correctly
26:44  Reference checks
28:40  New York Times article: share a nice meal
30:18  Observe your candidate in an informal environment
31:14  Don’t overvalue likeability
32:15  Get candid and vulnerable
32:56  Compare candidate’s values to core company values
33:54  Make it personal
34:59  How candidates can learn more about the hiring company
35:48  It’s okay to fall in love…with perspective

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