Episode #163 – When in Doubt, Blame the Mushrooms

Mar 01, 2023, 09:04 PM

The hosts of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast dive into the discussion of Wolf Pack season 1, episode 5, “Incendiary.” The teens are definitely coming together as a pack now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t personality clashes. The real question is—are they closing in on the werewolf, or is the werewolf closing in on them? Meanwhile, Garrett and Kristin team up to find the arsonist, and some hints of the past are revealed. But so is the nest of bodies.

  • If you’ve had any recent trips to the ER, feel free to regale us with your stories!
  • That cold open with little Harlan was SO CUTE.
  • In our interview with Tyler Lawrence Grey, he said we’d be getting more flashbacks, but we’re really happy with how many there have been.
  • At least this one with Harlan and Garrett wasn’t as gruesome as Luna’s.
  • Are the kids all in as a pack now, or will there be something that drives them apart?
  • Luna knows better than most what happens to a horse with a broken leg, doesn’t she?
  • Is there any hope that Connor is still alive?
  • What was going on with that sharp sound when Harlan answered the phone?
  • We’re more convinced than ever that the voice on the phone is Ian Bohen’s—Teen Wolf crossover, anyone!?
  • Can’t The Voice be a little more helpful? Is this Deaton in disguise!?
  • Are there any characters we haven’t seen during the day?
  • Has the monster we keep seeing been corrupted somehow?
  • How did Luna get the rest of the pack to be quiet? Is this an Alpha power?
  • Thank goodness Harlan checked the stalls this time!!
  • If The Voice is so well informed, why doesn’t he just come out and say what he knows? Why doesn’t he just do something about it himself?
  • That scene between Everett and Harlan in the gym was so good and led to some interesting new pieces of information.
  • Do we trust that Harlan knows that wolf was his father?
  • We’re really loving the pack dynamic so far, even if it feels a little fragile.
  • Why does Luna like Austin? He’s kind of the worst.
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy seems to be a hot topic all around.
  • That bathing suit was, like, SUPER tiny. Like, microscopic.
  • Luna and Blake seem to be getting along pretty great.
  • Karen apologizes for giving Austin the benefit of the doubt. She has weaknesses, and asshole-with-a-lot-of-emotions is one of them.
  • Blake and Everett finally get a chance to be alone, and then Phoebe has to go and ruin it.
  • Why does Phoebe have so much vitriol for Blake? We can’t wait to find out what actually happened between them.
  • But she still didn’t deserve what Austin did to her.
  • LOL at Blake throwing Austin’s phone in the pool again.
  • Everyone definitely saw the werewolf…
  • Looping back to the adults’ storyline—are robotics labs common in high school?
  • Why didn’t the arsonist hide where the incendiary device came from?
  • We want Jang and Garrett to be best friends so badly.
  • Do we actually think Cyrus is the arsonist, or is this just a red herring?
  • We have a lot of questions about Harlan and Luna’s parents’ pack.
  • If Prisha’s radical environmental group wasn’t arrested for arson, what WERE they arrested for?
  • Did Garrett WANT to become a father??
  • Okay, we definitely have more questions than answers about Kristin Ramsey at this point.
  • What are our theories for episode 6?
This episode’s hosts are: Karen Rought and Natalie Fisher.

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