QROT-106: Enemies of the State

Mar 08, 05:05 AM

An easy way to know enemies of the state, but it is just a matter of degree, is when they say to your face that the best way for the public to get to the bottom of a highly controversial event singed with political zeal from all sides is to make sure we don't release the available evidence for it.

You know... for fear that details may not let them win the narrative that they've consistently screamed for two years.

When people want to hide evidence instead of release it... there MAY be a reason... but carefully consider whether they're instead the special breed of awful human described above.
(HINT: Most likely they are)
People are rotting in a jail without a trial. In any other context, it would be the fertile soil of an innocence project. But here... not only "don't believe your eyes" but "you don't get to see, so we won't allow you to believe your eyes."
But in reality, it's in a way more wussiness out of those that are allegedly more protective or rights... because the public footage that's been out for two years already opens and shuts the case against most of the zero-nuance that is spewed at us.

But again.. those enemies of the state that don't want the DC-controlled footage released definitely will not acknowledge ANY inconvenient truth on the already-available footage. You can not trust them to say anything except 2 plus 2 equals FIVE(!) if adding it up properly hurts their deceptive and criminal cause.

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