GET TALENT! | #26 | Come On Board

Episode 26,   Mar 09, 2023, 02:30 PM

You only get one chance to make a first impression!

According to The Society for Human Resource Management, 75% of employees don’t have a clear understanding of what to expect on their first day of work. How can we expect employees to do a good job when we haven’t shown them the job? 

Onboarding isn’t just about paperwork (though that’s an important part!). Ben & Danny outline an employee training process that fosters confidence and personal connection and creates a deeper company culture for the entire workplace. Plus, they share their own new job experiences - including one horror story & one onboarding fit for VIPs!

Before you bring on your new hires, catch this super-important episode!

01:20  Is onboarding important?
01:51  SHRM study: 75% of employees aren’t clear on what to expect their first day
02:08  Leadership’s role in providing clarity
02:23  Ben’s ‘first-day’ experiences
03:37  Danny’s first day of recruiting
05:10  Positive onboarding details
05:58  Showing the company cares
06:20  Thoughtful, simple gestures
07:21  What is pre-boarding?
07:44  Start at the interview process
07:52  Selling to the family
09:52  Pre-boarding paperwork
10:18  Communicating expectations with new employees
11:00  Setting up payment processes
11:38  Forbes study: 59% of workers claim to have received no training
12:34  An over-reliance on shadowing
13:16  Top performers aren’t always great trainers
13:52  Lessons from expert trainers
15:06  Is it possible to train someone too well?
15:43  Intangible training aspects
16:42  Using conversations in training
17:02  How do you create a positive onboarding experience?
17:13  SHRM’s 4 Cs of onboarding
17:20  Compliance
17:40  Clarification
18:09  Culture
19:17  Connection
19:53  Wonder as a tool for remote communication
20:27  Collaboration improves company performance
21:08  Keep onboarding light
22:06  Getting together outside of the office
23:31  A company’s most important resource
24:10  Don’t overlook your first impression

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