GET TALENT! | #27 | Coachability

Episode 27,   Mar 23, 2023, 02:39 PM

What’s the top reason people fail in a new role?

‘Coachability’ may sound like business jargon, but this trait just might be the most important thing to hire for! According to a Leadership IQ study, company leaders said that 46% of newly hired employees failed within 18 months due to lack of coachability.

Ben and Danny share how critical coachability is to individual and team success. You’ll learn a great technique for figuring out if your candidates have this trait, interview green flags, and how to give back to your team as a leader.

00:53  What is coachability?
01:07  Forbes article: coachability definition 
01:52  How bravery is a crucial factor
02:50  Managing openness throughout life
04:02  How do we maintain coachability as we grow?
04:23  Coworkers you respect and trust
05:09  Leadership IQ study: Top reason newly hired employees fail
06:30  Consequences of a non-coachable employee
06:43  Impacting the culture
08:10  Coachability from a leadership perspective
09:13  Negative effects on the team  
10:26  The difference of a coachable team member
10:42  Innovation requires openness
11:25  Coachability invites change
12:10  Lateral team teaching
13:06  Keys to creating a coachable environment
13:48  Taking risks
15:28  Coachability in potential candidates
16:55  How do you hire for coachability?
17:59  Candidate responses to feedback
19:10  Building on feedback
20:14  Taking ownership
21:57  Recognizing mentorship
23:17  Balancing between confidence and ego
23:53  Not passing the buck
24:46  Coaching is different from delegating
25:08  The two way street of coaching
26:33  Coaching at high levels of success
28:57  Ben’s closing coaching advice 
30:05  Care about other people first

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