Earn Your Flowers

Season 11, Episode 110,   Mar 27, 2023, 12:05 AM

Was 69 getting jumped in a Florida LA Fitness staged or did his words finally catch up to him?  Is it really ignorant for the woke community to question why black folk do not have that same energy for people like George Zimmerman?

Is it time for Latto to regroup? Did she steal a Nicki flow and lyrics to shade the artist for respect or did she need the help?

Is the new generation of rappers and media personalities being given awards and accolades that they have not yet earned? Is this dimming the light of actual legends that have put in the work without the massive help of the streaming/internet era?

Is Griselda the Standard? Should they be given props and more flowers for their contribution to hip-hop?

33 Men arrested in Queens after a 3 year investigation into gang activity.  What is next in drill culture. 

Digital black face 
Black Chyna 
Twitter worthless
Jon majors victim has taken it all back plus more