GET TALENT! | #29 | Executive Search

Episode 29,   Apr 06, 2023, 12:32 PM

How do you even begin to hire the leader of a company? It takes a lot of discretion, trust, and time…and you almost NEVER get a resume! You definitely don’t want to tackle this type of hiring by yourself!

In this episode, Ben and Danny share their executive recruiter magic, including how they provide role clarity to hiring clients, keep both sides confidential, and convince candidates who aren’t even job hunting to take an interview.

Don’t leave this critical role to chance! Find out what it takes to bring in an A-player leader to lead a company.

01:12  What is executive search?
02:15  What makes an executive search more challenging?
03:22  The key to a successful search
04:03  Nuances of job intake conversations
05:11  Providing clarity to a hiring vision
06:41  The qualities needed to do an executive search
08:12  How do you start an executive search?
09:17  Transparency in retained searches
10:38  Can you do an executive search by yourself?
11:08  Keeping a search discrete
11:34  A unique, time-consuming process
12:09  Avoiding an interim leader
13:55  Use an executive recruiter from your industry 
14:15  The risk for the candidates
15:30  Cultivating trust on both sides
16:25  Ben’s experience recommending a candidate
17:36  Hireability of your recruiter
18:26  Learning why you need an executive recruiter the hard way
19:07  When bad companies get good talent
20:11  Getting ahead of the game
21:32  Courting a candidate who’s not looking
21:49  Hiring without resumes 

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