GET TALENT! | #30 | Technical Hires

Episode 30,   Apr 13, 2023, 01:54 PM

Do you know what your IT department does? Does every word on a technical resume look like a foreign language? No matter your industry, IT can feel like a whole other world. If a company needs to fill one of these crucial roles, a technical recruiter is worth their weight in gold. 

This episode gets into the nitty gritty as Danny is joined by one of GLOMO’s newest recruiters, Tyler Eschle. He gives us the inside scoop on IT hires. Learn how specialization in technical recruiting can help screen and hire the right candidates, save time, and improve any business in the long run. 

00:43  The complexities of technical recruiting
01:13  What is technical/IT recruiting?
02:55  IT recruiting in the global mobility industry vs. others
04:16  Tyler’s background as a full-desk recruiter
05:35  Advantages of full-desk recruiting
06:58  The hottest positions in IT 
08:25  How does specialization help in IT recruiting?
09:50  Recruiting in an industry you understand
10:41  Combining culture with expertise
11:21  Be an information broker
12:50  The right questions to ask candidates
13:38  Top 3 things to do when working with a technical recruiter
13:48  Provide a holistic picture of the role
14:24  Keep the process short
16:57  Ask for feedback on the interview process
17:58  Technical recruiters save time
19:18  Handling foreign candidates and visas
20:02  Closing candidates on the offer
21:05  Tyler’s shoutout to his mentors

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