GET TALENT! | #31 | Getting Back on Track

Episode 31,   Apr 27, 2023, 11:00 AM

According to Zippia, 91% of customers are willing to switch companies after one bad experience. So when a search goes awry, it’s critical to take the right steps to earn back your client's trust and get the next candidate right. 

Danny and Ben get vulnerable in this episode. They share some of their past mistakes and the lessons they learned along the way. Learn about radical accountability and how GLOMO uses it to improve continually. Whether you want to learn how to revive a dead-end recruiting search or provide better client services, you will want to tune in!

01:28  A candidate search is like a relationship
02:54  Challenges that come up during a search
03:20  Non-existent candidate profiles
03:50  No-show candidates
04:31  Bad interviews
05:12  The concept of candidate control
05:57  When offers get rejected
06:46  Hubspot survey: Only 3% of people trust salespeople
07:10  55% of customers don’t trust companies
08:17  Zippia study: 91% of customers willing to switch companies after one bad incident 
09:27  How to recover from a bad experience 
10:44  Unearthing miscommunications
12:11  Radical accountability
14:17  Make a new mutual plan of action
14:49  GLOMO case studies
18:29  How clients can improve their own experience
19:32  Danny’s past mistakes
20:14  The value of a recruiting team
20:47  Ben’s advice to hiring companies
21:41  Learning from other’s mistakes
22:04  How to keep a search on track
23:23  Let GLOMO help you
23:58  Future guest teaser

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