GET TALENT! | #32 | Offer Rejections

Episode 32,   May 04, 2023, 01:59 PM

1 in 6 job offers is rejected. Here’s how to not let yours be one of them.

Rejections - they always hurt. Whether you’re a recruiter or a hiring company, having a job offer declined by a candidate will leave you wondering where it went wrong. Sometimes a rejection is a dodged bullet, but more often than not, companies need to reevaluate their approach and reputation to save themselves from future heartache. 

Ben and Danny share the top reasons candidates reject offers and give tips to recover and move on. The biggest barrier to hiring A-Player candidates is something most companies aren’t talking about. If you want to succeed in the current market confidence in your next recruiting search, don’t miss this episode!

00:54  An increase in job offer rejections
01:20  Glassdoor study: 17% of offers are declined
01:49  The most common reasons offers get rejected
01:56  Time kills all deals
02:44  How A-player candidates end up at B companies
04:16  Avoiding the wrong path as a candidate
05:18  JobStreet Report: Competing opportunities
05:55  The risk of using an offer to raise your current pay
06:44  Below market value compensation
07:21  Unclear career paths
08:51  Employer branding issues
09:49  The biggest problem for hiring companies
10:26  Being unknown is worse than a bad reputation
11:20  GLOMO’s own struggles with being unknown
12:12  How unknown companies can market their brand
13:10  Why a recruiter would turn down business  
14:23  The next steps after an offer rejection
15:43  Can an offer ever be saved?
16:52  Giving feedback to client companies
19:25  Coming away with a new plan
20:13  Ben’s advice to hiring managers
21:26  Rejections are going to happen

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