What Does God Look Like?

Season 1, Episode 6,   May 26, 2023, 11:30 AM

"Mummy, what does God look like?"
I don't know dear, what do you think he looks like?"

Is he a tall handsome man
With a bushy brown beard
And wavy long hair
That comes down to here?

Or a little old man
With no hair at all
Somebody like
The man next door?

Is he the man at the bar
Who's ordered two beers
Or a father at the airport
Fighting back tears?

Mummy, he might have green eyes
Or even one green and one blue
He might have a small nose
And wear glasses, like you

He could have girly hair
Straight, with curls on the end
With twistables and ribbons
That look funny on men

He wears a pink shirt
With a black bowtie
And a long blue scarf
To match his eyes

Or a yellow cape
That goes down to his knees
He'd look cool in that
I'd love one of these

Does he have black hair
That he sometimes dyes pink
Just to match his shirt
Mummy, what do you think?

He might wear flip-flops
When he walks on the sand
Or when he plays the guitar
On stage with his band

Is he a singer
who hits a tamborine
While singing to Jesus
That he believes?

He’s a man with a big heart
And he loves having fun
He has sticking out ears
And has a big bum

He might go to town
For burgers and chips
Get salt in his beard
And wipe sauce from his lips

I'm sure he likes pancakes
With syrup or jam
He will eat three or four
Just like my Dad!

Imagine if he came
To have dinner with us
I know he would help
With the washing up

Mummy, God could be a postman
Or the man who drives the bus
But, the more I think of it
He's just like us

It doesn't matter what God looks like
I don't care if he is big or small
All that matters is
He loves us all.