Zach Vago: "The Weight Loss Professor"; Losing 170 Pounds in under a Year & Becoming a Leader in the Fitness Industry

Season 3, Episode 39,   Jun 03, 2023, 03:48 AM

In episode 39, Zach Vago, known as "The Weight Loss Professor," joins the show to share his story of transformation from overweight and expecting death at age 20 to living and working for his healthiest, fullest possibilities. Vago shares vulnerable, raw stories of starving himself to the point of seizing, multiple failed attempts to lose weight, and the daunting, lasting effects from living in immense obesity. Because Vago emphasizes that being obese is a disease, he treats his new lifestyle as someone who is constantly recovering; thus, "cheat days" don't exist for The Weight Loss Professor. Today, Vago offers online coaching for those who are trying to better themselves in their diet, mentalities, fitness, and overall health.

Tune in to episode 39 to hear great wisdom and dire circumstances from a mere 22-year-old, who has knocked on death's door and has returned to live life to the utmost. This episode will change the fitness industry for the better.

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