Luke Brown: Filling Your Bucket, Living in Full Flow, & Finding Your Church

Season 3, Episode 40,   Jun 11, 2023, 03:25 PM

In episode 40 of the Chats with Clark Podcast, Luke Brown joins the show to share insights how the ways in which we wire our brains affects us. As a young man, Luke has found great pertinence in guaranteeing that the actions he takes work to benefit his mental state. To that end, Luke analyzes his actions on the basis of the question, "Does this fill my bucket?" In essence, does this action, person, or circumstance better himself and rejuvenate him? Exemplary to his commitment to overall mental and healthy greatness, Brown runs an Instagram page called "Live in Full Flow," a phrase emphasizing the desired harmony of mind, body, and spirit. More, Luke has started a podcast of his own, "Anyone Extraordinary," on which he converses with individuals who have achieved or are working towards that full flow state.

Tune in to episode 40 to hear a moving conversation about mental and overall growth, unapologetic praises for dumbbells and Joe Rogan, and two individuals determined to fill their buckets.

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