GET TALENT! | #34 | Contracts

Episode 34,   Jun 15, 2023, 03:00 PM

📃✒️ GLOMO’s clients are shocked to learn that our recruiting contract is only one page long! However, that’s all we require to sign off on the most important contract takeaway: trust.

Ben and Danny break down GLOMO’s five key recruiting contract elements to set the stage for successful relationships and placements. From replacement guarantees to non-solicitations to the elephant in the room, recruiting fee percentages, they explain the philosophy that informs fair contracts for both parties.

00:55  Why are recruiting contracts topical?
01:48  GLOMO’s contracts philosophy
02:20  Simple + clear contracts
03:32  Trust fills the void in contract disputes
05:05  Five key contract elements
05:56  Why include a commencement fee
07:32  The fee drives recruiters to do their best work
09:54  Payment terms demonstrate value in the partnership
11:03  The value behind the recruiting fee percentage
13:33  What is a replacement period guarantee?
13:50  What’s a fair replacement guarantee?
15:25  Why GLOMO specifies one-time replacement
17:12  Non-solicitation clause in a contract
17:58  The reasons behind the contract terms
18:24  Fair for both parties
18:56  Consistent communication
19:33  Being on the same page
20:20  Open to topic suggestions

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