GET TALENT! | #35 | Growth Hacking

Episode 35,   Jun 29, 2023, 11:53 AM

What’s the hottest job that nobody knows about? Growth hacking! Your business needs to hire someone to manage experimental marketing and find shortcuts to scale.

Are those all just confusing buzzwords? Not to worry, we thought so at first, too. Ben and Danny break down exactly how this role uses cutting-edge technology to supercharge sales and marketing. Growth hacking is about to take over global mobility, so listen and learn how your business can utilize this role first.

01:20  The hottest job that nobody knows about
02:36  What is a growth hacker?
03:09  What is experimental marketing?
04:08  Growth hacking & global mobility
05:10  Shortcuts to scale
06:40  Two kinds of marketing
08:10  Checking in with the audience
08:34  Why should a company hire a growth hacker?
09:09  Growth hacking for business to consumer
09:39  Growth hacking for business to business
11:35  Importance of informed, quality leads
14:00  Get in front of leads before the RFP
14:33  Should all companies hire a growth hacker?
15:48  When to prioritize traditional marketing
16:55  When it’s time to hire a growth hacker
18:26  A successful growth hacker’s skills
19:25  Tools growth hackers use
21:29  A successful growth hacker’s soft skills
22:35  What’s a growth hacker’s ROI?
24:46  What businesses should be thinking about
26:20  Reach out to GLOMO about hiring growth hackers

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