GET TALENT! | #38 | Employer Value Proposition

Episode 38,   Jul 20, 2023, 12:07 PM

❓ Why do employees work at your company? Your company’s culture and strengths may seem obvious to you, but if you’re not passionately telling that story to your candidates, why should they be excited to join?

According to a Gartner survey, 65% of candidates drop out of the hiring process due to an unattractive Employer Value Proposition, so it’s crucial to get it right!

Ben and Danny explain the difference between EVP and marketing, how to avoid raising red flags, and how to authentically relate to your candidates. Before you start your next recruiting search, learn how to share an EVP that attracts top talent!

00:44  Employer Value Proposition vs. employer brand
01:47  When is it time to use an EVP?
02:10  SHRM EVP definition
03:14  Why EVP is important for a hiring company
04:25  Gartner survey: 65% of candidates drop out of the hiring process due to unattractive EVP
05:15  The “red flags” that make up poor EVP
07:04  Gartner stat: A strong EVP increases new hire commitment by 30%
07:58  The importance of always selling your EVP
09:12  Why the hiring power balance has changed
10:15  How important is unlimited PTO?
10:52  Feast or famine in the talent pool
11:48  Edelman study: 60% of job seekers want alignment with their beliefs and behaviors
12:10  Clearly define EVP
12:36  Understand and address candidate motivations
13:29  Use storytelling to illustrate EVP
13:48  Use every touchpoint with the candidate to share EVP
14:16  Be authentic, genuine, and passionate
14:55  The EVP is not obvious
15:36  Have selling bullet points for an interview

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