GET TALENT! | #41 | Paid Time Off

Episode 41,   Aug 31, 2023, 03:00 PM

Do candidates value PTO 🏖️ more than compensation 💵?

Who doesn’t love paid time off? It’s critical to employee happiness and an essential benefit of any job offer. But do candidates have the power to ask for more vacation?

Ben and Danny are here with the essential guide to PTO in the modern workplace. How does your company’s PTO stack up against today’s standards? Learn whether PTO is negotiable, how to balance unlimited vacation with workplace efficiency, and some expert advice for candidates considering job offers. Tune in to level up your work-life harmony!

00:53  Asking about PTO during the interview
01:57  The average PTO days given by U.S employers
03:24  PTO is a benefit
04:00  How many days do modern candidates request?
05:11  The trade-off of unlimited PTO
05:35  Listener comments
06:06  Is PTO more important than cash?  
06:43  Ben’s stance on sick days
07:46 U.S. standards compared to European
09:18  PTO in hiring negotiations  
10:33  Advice for candidates who are negotiating 
11:09  Danny’s estimate of when PTO is negotiable for non-execs
11:42  When candidates get ghosted 
13:23  How recruiters keep good candidates from falling through the cracks
14:14  Paid holidays, according to Forbes
14:31  How GLOMO chose their paid holidays
16:23  The Harris Poll: 74% of Gen Z want unlimited PTO
17:05  Can unlimited be too much?
17:47  How PTO varies by industry and worker type
18:38  Final thoughts on PTO and culture

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