Your Not A HipHop Head

Season 12, Episode 115,   Oct 24, 2023, 10:00 PM

In This episode of The Nothinpodcast DjEFsclusive addresses all of the out-of-touch old men who swear they are the gatekeepers of what hiphop is.  

Hip-hop has and will always be about expression and will never have room for haters.  These kids are out here doing what we did when it was our turn.  Yall sounds how our parents sound calling it noise and not accepting the culture for what the culture is.

Do not allow your hate for mainstream music to allow you to believe that hip-hop as a whole is dead because your favorite version of the genre is not what is popular. 

in 2023 hip-hop is all about subgenres and a true hip-hop fan would know where to get what they are looking for meanwhile understanding the place in our community for other acts that they may not personally like.