How We Fall in Love with Dr. Helen Fisher

Episode 108,   Nov 06, 2023, 01:29 AM

Bela talks to one of the world's great love luminaries, Dr. Helen Fisher, who has been studying romantic love for over 50 years.   Helen is a prolific author, researcher, TED speaker, and Chief Scientific Officer at   You will be RIVETED by this episode, where you will hear:

  • What exactly is ROMANTIC love, and what are the markers of it?
  • Why love is a drive like hunger and thirst - it's involuntary!
  • HOW you keep romantic love alive for decades
  • What is the biggest difference between "new, hot in love" couples and couples that say they're still "in love" after decades - and this is documented by FMRI brain scans!
  • Why marriage keeps us healthier
  • How Helen met and married in her 70s!!  
  • Why 'positive illusions' are critical to relationships
  • What are the THREE KEY things singles on Match say that are IMPORTANT to them?
  • Why online dating makes meeting people harder
  • Helen's wisest gem advice at the end -- don't miss this!

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