Bringing Book Ideas to Life with Vicki Weinberg

Season 2, Episode 31,   Nov 20, 2023, 12:11 AM

Do you struggle to sit down and write consistently? Are you forever trying to make the words flow perfectly on the very first attempt? If that’s you, you’ll love this week’s episode with my brilliant guest, Vicki Weinberg.

Vicki offers product creation support and specialises in selling on Amazon.  She is also the host of a weekly podcast for product-based entrepreneurs - Bring Your Product Idea to Life.

Her book ‘Bring Your Product Idea to Life: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Product to Sell’ was published in June 2023 and takes you on a journey from developing your product idea to finding suppliers and launching it.

During our wonderful conversation, we chat about:

- how Vicki used her extensive back catalogue of podcast episodes and blog posts to help her write her book, which serves as a great reminder for you not to start your book from scratch

- using case studies and client stories to enhance your book and how to approach people so they’ll say yes!

- Vicki’s approach to the writing process - she is one of the fastest, if not THE fastest, writing client I’ve ever had and she's got some words of wisdom to help you get your butt in the chair consistently!

This fantastic conversation will inspire you to look at what you’ve already got in the content back that can help you write your book. It’ll also drive home the power of the ‘little and often’ approach of which I’m such an advocate.

Enjoy the episode!

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