Perfect Skin for Women & Men at ANY age - with Savor Beauty's Angela Jia Kim

Episode 112,   Dec 04, 2023, 01:30 AM

Want to glow from the inside out? Don't miss one word of this conversation with beauty expert and visionary Angela Jia Kim of Savor Beauty. When Angela (a concert pianist) broke out in a horrible rash before an important concert (due to some lotion she applied), she made it her mission to create a system that was loving from the outside in. In this episode, you will learn:
-How your inside is reflected on the outside
- Why water is actually crucial to our skin
-Why washing your face at night is important to mental health
-How to layer on skincare the way you dress for a Midwest winter -- thinnest to thickest.  She explains it ALL!   
-How mindset is crucial and how to have the best one!!   

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