The FINE Art of Small Talk

Episode 116,   Jan 01, 01:30 AM

This episode is for EVERYONE -- single, coupled, introverted & extroverted!!  Bela talks with best-selling author Debra Fine, about HOW to make 'small talk' and WHY it's so important!  You'll hear:

  • Small talk is a SKILL - not a gift the lucky were born with
  • How Debra, an introverted engineer, realized she did not know how to interact with people at work conferences
  • How she thought losing 75 lbs would 'make her better' at small talk, but it didn't
  • Why Rex, and one conversation, changed EVERYTHING for her
  • How to "be prepared" - and feel great before any conversation
  • Why "what keeps you busy" is a WAY better question than "what do you do?"
  • How to look for 'free info' that people give away about themselves
  • How to BE a good conversationalist (being an 'introvert' is no excuse)
  • How she met the love of her life - and WHY she knew he was the one
  • How to exit conversations with the "wrap up" rule - so no one holds you hostage!

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