Mindset Mastery - the first step to business success

Episode 443,   Jan 23, 08:00 PM

In the field of human achievement, one question that is constantly asked is why do some people achieve so much … while other people find it much harder? 

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast we explore this topic in detail with Mindset Coach and Personal Trainer Beth Bishop.

Beth has years of experience in helping professionals master their mindsets and business processes to achieve more joy.

Beth explores the top 5 obstacles that practice owners face and shares how you can shift from feeling overwhelmed and move into an optimal mindset so that you can harness your leadership skills and find success. 

Beth was ready to embark on a career in law but made a massive pivot and went into the personal fitness industry. She's run a successful business and now is working with entrepreneurs to help them achieve similar results in their own businesses.

Mindset. The thing between our ears determines so much of our external success. We talk about the roadblocks that hold people back, the resistance points around these roadblocks, and help you unlock your goals. 

  • [8:17] - Why do 95% of people in the United States who start a fitness program, quit within the first three months? And how does this statistic relate to our Dental Practice?
  • [10:01] - Understanding our Belief System, and also our State of Being.
  • [14:30] - Why 80 percent of boutique fitness owners go out of business within the first three years and only 11 percent of fitness business owners are profitable above 20%.
  • [20:33] - Anytime that you want to make a change, you have to first become aware that there's a problem.
  • [23:31] - Strategies to help adjust your mindset when you have stinkin thinkin.
  • [31:50] - What is subconscious resistance and do you suffer from it?
  • [34:58] - A mindset exercise from a professional coach.