More Sales Please - with Sara Dalrymple

Season 2, Episode 37,   Jan 15, 12:37 AM

I’m thrilled to welcome this week’s guest author onto the Creating Happy Writers podcast - the rather marvellous Sara Dalrymple.

Sara is a sales and business mentor and strategist for small business owners who need more sales, more consistency and more ease. 

Her 20 years of sales experience and simple, actionable advice have helped hundreds of business owners transform the way they feel about selling and achieve sustainable sales through confident, sleaze-free promotion.

And she’s packaged all that expertise up into her first best-selling book ‘More Sales Please’ - released in January 2024.

In our fab conversation, we chat about:

  • The power of authenticity in writing and business - and the importance of showing up online as your true self so that readers and clients feel connected to you.

  • Sara’s own writing journey - from winning a book deal off the back of a Book Proposal Challenge to actually sitting down to write the bloomin’ thing.

  • What we can all learn from Beyonce and Arnold Schwarzenegger about book promotion and sales - it’s not what you might think!

And LOADS more.

One of my favourite conversations to date - it’s packed full of great advice for writers and small business owners everywhere.