My Writing Process: A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes

Season 2, Episode 38,   Jan 22, 12:48 AM

Have you ever wanted a sneak peek into how a published author's writing process actually works? Or what key phases they go through, and the order in which it all needs to happen? 

Well, step on in because today I’m giving you an exclusive look at my proven step-by-step process for writing and publishing my non-fiction books.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • The 10 essential stages I use to take a book from initial concept all the way through to finished manuscript - distilled from a decade of experience.
  • At what point in the process I tackle key tasks like securing my book editor, and why nailing down certain things early is crucial.
  • Why having an intentional system in place alleviates anxiety and allows you to truly enjoy the writing process - goodbye, guesswork and frustration!

And loads more insights for you from my personal journey.

I’m often asked about the process, and I thought this was a great time of year to explore it with you so you know what lies ahead as you go on your own writing and publishing adventure.


Further resources

  • My 12-week group writing programme - Elevate - is now open! All the info you need is here.

  • My book - ‘Dare to Write: How to Write a Non-Fiction Book to Grow Your Business’ is available now on Amazon.

  • Subscribe to my Substack - The Write Stuff - full of advice on writing and publishing a book in your niche.

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