High Performance Lessons from the Chief Olympic Psychologist

Episode 445,   Feb 06, 08:00 PM

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast we discuss how to cope with change? How to build a great team? How to we become the best version of ourselves so that we show up and perform at our best every day.

When we know what's limiting us and where our blind spots are, we can navigate our business to greater heights.

Dr. Jesse Green is joined by sport and business psychologist, Graeme Winter.

Graham Winter is a respected authority in performance psychology, known for his practical approach to guiding leaders and teams to sustainable high performance. With a proven track record spanning elite sports, international business, and governmental advisory, Graham is sought after for his pragmatic facilitation and coaching expertise.

Having served as Chief Psychologist for three Australian Olympic Teams, including the Sydney 2000 Games, Graham brings tested insights into high-pressure environments and effective teamwork.

Part of building a great business and having a great life is being psychologically fit. If you want to grow a team, if you want to be your best, if you want to do great work. Then there's going to be plenty of gold in this conversation for you. 

  • [3:11] - Is it curiosity, or fascination … that separates performers from non-performers? What is it that separates the real champions from the rest?
  • [13:26] - What is ‘focus fatigue’ and how can we overcome it when it occurs?
  • [19:10] - ADEP … what is it? And how can YOU apply it immediately … today!? (get a pen and paper out as you’ll wanna take some notes)
  • [21:07] - Perfectionism. Do you suffer from it? Do you want to know some tips to recover from it?
  • [36:32] - How to cope with change in the workplace and be able to continuously adapt to new and changing conditions.
  • [41:15] - What are the key emotional journeys that people go on during change?