Case Study - going to zero clinical days Michael Filosi

Episode 447,   Feb 20, 08:00 PM

If you're a practice owner who's always wondered, “how do I build a business so that I can create time freedom in my life”? Then this is an episode you're going to really love. 

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green is speaking to Dr. Michael Filosi from Fullarton Park Dental in Adelaide. 

Michael has been on quite the journey over the last eight years. He bought a two chair practice, scaled that up to be an eight chair practice, and will soon be upgrading it to a 10 chair practice. In so doing, he's reduced his clinical hours down to zero which has given him immense freedom. 

Michael discusses his journey and explains some of the lessons he's learned along the way. Lessons that are going to be applicable to you if that's the journey you want to go on.

  • [3:58] - The original purchase back 9 years ago looked completely different to the efficient practice it is today.
  • [8:27] - A wholesale practice purchase, verse, a partnership purchase.
  • [11:34] - Having a very clear vision has helped Michael create and grow the business. He shares his tips on how to create that vision, and then how to work ‘hard’ towards achieving the outcome.
  • [22:16] - Michael describes in detail the process and learnings from starting with 2 chairs nine years ago … to 8 chairs today.
  • [31:04] - Increasing the patient flow meant installing better more efficient communication systems. Michael explains how he did it and how his team embraced the growth of the practice.
  • [44:30] - Moving to (almost) zero clinical hours afforded Michael freedom to do the things he loves the most.