Building a Successful Author Brand - with Isabelle Knight

Season 2, Episode 41,   Feb 12, 12:19 AM

Often, for authors, promoting and marketing a book can often feel more intimidating than the writing process itself. However, making meaningful connections with your readers is key in today’s publishing landscape. 

In this episode of the Creating Happy Writers podcast, I chat with expert publicist Isabelle Knight about methods you can use for strategically sharing your stories and voice with wider audiences - in the hope of demystifying the process and taking the overwhelm away.

Listen to discover:

  • The importance of your brand/author story when it comes to promoting your book and bringing readers on the journey - Isabelle believes in a holistic approach to PR and that your readers will want to buy your book if they feel connected to you. 
  • What you can do if you’re an introvert - both Isabelle and I believe that in today’s book-selling climate, you can’t hide behind your words and hope the book will sell itself. Having said that, we know it can be daunting, so we discuss practical ways you can make PR manageable for you.
  • How you can be in control of the story you share about yourself in the PR process - including when talking to journalists and publications.

And lots more!

What I like most about Isabelle is how she truly understands how overwhelming the whole PR and marketing process can be, and she’s excellent at breaking it down into manageable and - dare I say - enjoyable - chunks. Hurrah!


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