A Deep Dive into the Self-Publishing Process

Season 2, Episode 42,   Feb 19, 12:01 AM

With more authors embracing independence, having a practical guide on successfully self-publishing is vital to avoid the overwhelm and frustration that many new writers can feel. 

So, if you’ve been struggling with what the process actually is, as well as what you need to do and when, this episode is for you. 

Listen to learn more about:

  • Evaluating major platform options - weighing benefits of Kindle Unlimited exclusivity vs expanded distribution through aggregators like Draft2Digital.
  • Revenue models - including how standard royalty rates work across ebook/print/audio formats and various sales channels. 
  • Step-by-step publishing process guidelines regarding key milestones - including metadata like covers/blurbs, your book launch and post-release marketing essentials.

As always, I’m here to try and simplify the writing and publishing process for authors - and this episode offers you practical self-publishing foundations, from platform selection to production to marketing, so you’re able to avoid the common pitfalls on the path to publishing independently.


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