TikTok for Dentists - Talia Datt

Episode 449,   Mar 05, 08:00 PM

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green discusses how to utilise TikTok when marketing your dental practice with one of Australia's most renowned digital marketing experts,Talia Datt.

Talia explains the pros and cons and the different strategies around many different social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Google, but in particular, they talk about TikTok and its place in a digital strategy for your dental practice. 

Dr. Jesse and Talia discuss how to create content for the platform that will help build your brand for your practice. Talia shares a framework for creating content at ease and at speed. 

If you want to create engagement on any platform, you want to be able to create content that really speaks to your ideal patient. 

Talia Datt, is the visionary founder behind The Social CliQ, a dynamic full-service social media and e-commerce marketing agency. After Sensing the seismic shift towards TikTok during the pandemic, she started The Content CliQ, a service that connects brands to content creators all over the world offering payments for their work.

  • [5:08] - How to create your digital strategy for a small local dental practice.
  • [8:06] - The difference in buyer intent between TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Google? Where does each of these platforms sit in terms of the customer journey? 
  • [10:04] - Why you should be targeting patients on TikTok? 
  • [14:26] - Today, people are scrolling at such a fast rate that they are viewing content as fast as possible. So what is the value of short-form-video, versus traditional longer-form content?
  • [16:09] - Tips to create engaging short-form-video content. (get your pen and notepad ready)
  • [20:20] - TikTok is more than dancing and cat videos. Talia explains an educational opportunity that exists to connect with your clients.
  • [25:04] - The power of AI and short-form-video content creation.