S6 Ep4: Charlotte Fox - Commitment to Stand-Up Comedy

Season 6, Episode 4,   Mar 13, 05:00 AM

Welcome back to The Mojo Podcast.
Series 6 of the Mojo Podcast is all about Commitment. A concept that has real weight and meaning for us, as we have all committed at some point in our life and perhaps you're considering a new commitment right now. It's a deeply meaningful area and I wanted to explore it further.
So for this season I'll be talking to an amazing array of guests about what commitment means to them and how it impacts their Mojo. How it feels to truly commit to yourself, to your passion & your purpose and to see the results.
Rather than sitting on the fence and no committing at all.

Because commitment really means choosing not to have any more choice.

In episode 4 I speak to LA based Comedy rebel Charlotte Fox who trained at prestigious mime and clown school in Paris. With her surreal, sassy and foxy antics, she has performed in various venues across the UK, Europe and now Los Angeles.

From sell out shows at Brighton fringe, The Bosco Spiegaltent and 5* Solo Shows at Underbelly Edinburgh Fringe and collaborated with BBC Radio 4 on award winning show The Skewer.

She was seen on BBC prime time TV, Jimmy Carr “Amazing performance!”
She has hosted The Atrium Stage @ Wilderness festival last summer.
She’s been described as: “Mighty Booshy” “Ludicrous, Surreal and Raw” “Volcanic streams of consciousness in high adrenaline comedy” …

Keep up if you can!
She also hosts international Yoga Retreats in Ibiza, Jamaica and Mexico.

Charlottes Instagram - @thepsychedlicfox

Her website - thepsychedelicfox.com

Her forthcoming Ibiza yoga retreat  - https://bookretreats.com/r/7-day-detox-yoga-retreat-in-the-hills-of-benirras-beach-ibiza

Mojo for Charlotte - Lust for Life, Swagger

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