Business lessons from owning multiple practices & starting disruptive tech ventures

Episode 452,   Mar 26, 08:00 PM

Dr. Namita Gupta is an Implant and Cosmetic surgeon, educator, and visionary entrepreneur, with over 21 years of dental industry experience. As the Co-founder of Restocq, and multiple greenfield dental practices, Dr. Gupta seamlessly blends her passion for dentistry with a keen entrepreneurial spirit. Her mission is to combine passion with purpose, empowering dentists and their teams to operate at their full potential.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Gupta actively contributes to dental education, holding roles as an examiner, lecturer, and planning committee member for the Graduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry at the University of Sydney, and as an examiner, lecturer, and clinical supervisor at The Implant Institute in Perth.

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Gupta shares her background story growing up in a family business and the lessons that she learned from her parents that still guide her in making important business decisions today.

  • [7:38] - There is value in learning what hard work is at an early age coming from a migrant background.
  • [13:46] - Graduating in 2004, Namita opened her first practice in 2010. Her aim was to take the time to really dive deep into her profession and hone her skills in every different aspect of dentistry, not just clinical, but also work process.
  • [24:28] - You can own the business, you can support and train your team, you can mentor … and you can take time away and do those things that are of value to you, like having a family.
  • [30:14] - Dentistry is really cutting edge when it comes to technology. Not so when it comes to systems & business processes. So Namita and her husband Stephan started Restocq.
  • [45:52] - The future of procurement utilising Restocq.