Hey Siri ... Navigating Life with Karen Jacobsen

Episode 453,   Apr 02, 08:00 PM

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast, Dr. Jesse Green is joined by International Speaker, Concert Artist, Voice Over Actor, and Songwriter Karen Jacobsen.
You may not have heard of Karen by name, but we guarantee you will have heard her voice, especially if you've ever uttered the phrase, “Hey Siri”.
Karen is the voice of Siri and is heard in over one billion GPS and smartphone devices worldwide.

In real life, through her music, concert performances, and keynote speaking presentations, Karen entertains and inspires people to ‘recalculate and navigate’ change powerfully. It's all about navigating your way, no pun intended, through life and through business. 

Karen explains her five key ways to get back on track if you're off-track. If you've ever felt like your business isn't quite going the way you wanted, or things aren't quite right, or something just doesn't feel quite as it ought to, then be sure to have your pencil, a clean notepad, and press play … stat!

Taking her universal message to major events across multiple industries including finance, health, education, travel and real estate, Karen is a TEDx Speaker and Author of two journal-style books; The GPS Girl's Road Map for Your Future, and Recalculate - Directions for Driving Performance Success.

  • [4:13] - How growing up in regional Mackay QLD, led to New York City.
  • [6:56] - The voice over casting that changed Karen’s life forever.
  • [12:46] - Does the voice of Siri … actually take Siri’s advice?
  • [17:10] - The 5 key steps to ‘Recalculating and Navigating’ your personal and business life.
  • [23:16] - The difference between America & Australia according to Siri.
  • [27:43] - The importance of having a support network, and how to create one if you don’t already have great people around you.