S6 Ep6: Azeem Amir - Commitment to Levelling the Playing Field

Apr 07, 11:00 PM

Today's guest is Azeem Amir. Azeem is 25 and has been visually impaired since birth.

However, he has never let it be a barrier to success. Azeem plays Blind Football professionally for the England and Great Britain blind football team and is working towards achieving international success. Playing across the globe he and the team are aiming to qualify for the next Paralympics. His football skills on the pitch have paved the way for him to be a part of several national and international media campaigns, working with brands from an array of industries from across the globe.

Alongside his football, Azeem has also just completed a Master’s Degree from the University of Salford.

Azeem Amir recently became the youngest blind person to complete Tough Mudder; a gruelling 12-mile obstacle course, featuring muddy ditches, huge walls and electric fences, raising substantial funds for charity! Since running Tough Mudder, Azeem has risen to fame as a highly respected advocate for disability rights. He is now an ambassador for several disability awareness charities and organizations and through public speaking (TedTalks), coaching and workshops aims to inspire as many young people as possible to achieve their own version of success. He has just stepped into the world of Enterprise launching his own organisation called Learn With ESS, with the ESS standing for education, sport and speaking.

Learn with ESS is a workshop initiative that uses classroom and sport based activities to provide a unique and interactive team cohesion experience with the purpose of promoting the advancement of education. With the aim to benefit the public by stepping into the shoes of someone with a disability to address stigmatized issues surrounding the topic. These workshops can be tailored and bespoke to any audience to promote and highlight the importance and benefit of inclusive and empathetic mannerisms and practices. Working with educational institutions, sports clubs and corporates organisations.

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