7 Ways to Boost Your Writing Confidence

Season 2, Episode 48,   Mar 31, 11:08 PM

It’s all too easy to lose confidence when writing - after all, we’re putting our work out into the world for people to read, and that can test anyone’s courage! 

But a lack of confidence becomes a problem when it stops you from writing or publishing your work - which leads to frustration and disappointment for you, the aspiring author.

Well, that’s where this episode swoops in to help!

During it, you’ll discover:

  • The seven most common reasons writers lose confidence and why - perhaps you’ll recognise yourself in a few of them!
  • How my own confidence is currently being challenged during my novel-writing journey and how it’s linked to the four stages of competence that we all go through when learning/doing something new.
  • Simple strategies you can put in place immediately to help you feel more confident and trust that you do have the ability to write the book you aspire to write - because you really do!

And lots more!

We all go through periods where we lack confidence and wonder whether we’re ‘good enough’ to write a book. It’s natural when attempting something you’ve never done before - and even if you’re an experienced writer, those thoughts and doubts can creep up on you when you’re least expecting it. I hope this episode gives you the boost you need to sit at your desk with a renewed sense of courage and determination and, most importantly, with a smile on your face.

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