440 Kicks: Streaming on WhatNot; How to Always Stay Relevant; Overcoming Wrongdoings by Our People

Season 4, Episode 44,   Apr 02, 02:28 AM

Episode 44 is fittingly starring returning guest Hayden Speeth, known often as "Spee" or his brand name of "440 Kicks"! Originally joining the show in season one for episode 18, Hayden discusses in episode 44 how he has been able to elevate his business. Taking a major leap by transitioning over to WhatNot in WhatNot's foundational stages, Hayden speaks of great success stories. His ability to adapt to the needs of clients and his mastery of various products has proved him a mogul in the online streaming industry. Partnered with his vibrant personality, Hayden finds himself as an ever-emerging Internet personality.

Tune in to episode 44 for 440 Kicks' fantastic stories, some rooted in success and others in the lessons that helped him get there, like being backstabbed by one of his closest friends and coworkers. Trust us when we tell you that you surely won't want to miss this!

Check out Hayden's social media:
Instagram (personal): https://www.instagram.com/440.spee/
Instagram (business): https://www.instagram.com/440.kicks/
WhatNot: https://www.whatnot.com/user/440kicks?invitedBy=440kicks&app=ios
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5AMF8kFCGfLKU3TF2P98TA
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@440.kicks?_t=8cIOoz7UeD5&_r=1
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