Using Atomic Habits for Writing

Season 2, Episode 50,   Apr 14, 11:08 PM

Today is a milestone episode, and to celebrate, I thought we’d talk about something I think has the most profound impact on writers I work with - good writing habits! After all, they make the difference between ‘thinking’ about writing a book and actually writing one. 

But what do good writing habits actually look like? Well, that’s where Atomic Habits comes in - a book that’s proved to be a game-changer for writers seeking to build and maintain the habits necessary to bring their own projects to life 

During it, you’ll discover:

  • Why adopting the identity of a ‘writer/author’ can help you embrace the regular habits you need to be successful
  • How ‘habit stacking’ can make learning new writing habits far easier and how I’ve done this when building a regular writing practice
  • Why designing your environment can really help to make writing a natural and attractive part of your daily routine
And LOTS more!

Atomic Habits has had a big influence on my writing career - it’s no surprise it’s one of the biggest-selling non-fiction books of all time. Hopefully, this episode has given you a taster of how you can apply it to your writing practice, giving you the boost you need to build regular habits that help you get your book finished. 


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