Author Mindset: No Nonsense Advice for Writers

Season 2, Episode 51,   Apr 21, 11:09 PM

If there’s one thing that matters above all others when it comes to writing, it’s mindset. You could be the greatest writer ever, but if you can’t get past your blocks and put the right head on your shoulders, it means diddly squat. 

So, I’ve dedicated this episode to helping you shift your thinking and develop an approach that will move you forward.

During it, you’ll discover:

  • How to embrace the ‘shitty first draft’ so you can stop overthinking and start writing!

  • What to do when imposter syndrome and the inner critic set up camp and try to bring you down

  • How to banish any limiting beliefs about your writing ability and feel more confident

  • Why embracing a growth mindset over a fixed mindset can help you develop a fresh new perspective.

And LOTS more!

So many incredible authors have been left undiscovered or unread because they couldn’t grasp the mindset stuff. Believe me, it matters more than your writing skills. Get the right perspective, and you’ll find you have what it takes to get your book over the finish line. And hey, you’ll even enjoy it more along the way! Winning!

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