The Author Label: When to Own It and Why

Season 2, Episode 56,   May 26, 11:55 PM

Something I’m asked in almost every interview I do or when I’m working with authors is: When is the right time to call yourself an author? It’s a tricky one because a lot of it comes down to our own confidence levels - and that sneaky imposter syndrome we can all feel from time to time.

But I believe we all need to take ownership of our narratives. So, I’ve dedicated this podcast episode to unpicking why we can feel hesitant to use the ‘author’ label and how we can step into authorship with confidence and conviction instead.

During it, you'll discover:

  • My own journey to calling myself an author, including the impact of childhood bullying on my reluctance
  • How imposter syndrome can hinder us from embracing the "author" title
  • Why it’s time to claim the "author" label on our own terms, without waiting for permission or milestones
And LOTS more!

It’s perfectly normal to feel hesitant to use the term ‘author’, particularly if we’re yet to publish anything. But I believe that the sooner we do, the more confident - and dare I say proud - we’ll feel about our achievements.

It’s time to step into authorship - are you ready?


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