Episode #149: I Thought He Was Spiders

Sep 06, 2017, 02:44 AM

Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast talks about "Triggers," the latest episode of MTV's Teen Wolf.

Featured Song: "Nobody Knows" by Autograf (feat. Wynne)

- Quotes, as per usual.
- What exactly was Nolan hoping to achieve when he started this crusade?
- Poor Ed Sheeran.
- What the DEVIL is going on with Aaron? Like, seriously?
- McCall Parental Debate: Karen is Team Melissa. Natalie is Team Raf.
- Raf's under-the-table FBI interviews show us some pretty scary stuff.
- For a hot second Natalie didn't know Mason was intending to get caught, and judged them for it.
- But no! It's a trap.
- Mykonos. Again with the teenagers with the weirdly specific referencing.
- Theo seems intrinsically bothered about Liam's issues. Why?
- Ask Natalie about her own time at an abandoned zoo.
- Did we know how severe Liam's conflict with Brett was? Seems extreme.
- Gerard sees Nolan as cannon fodder. We are so shocked!
- The plan was to draw Gerard's team away from his warehouse, so Scott and co. could go inside.
- Presumably to take their weapons away? They find some dead-part trophies.
- Chris is 1000000% going to die.
- Lydia saves everyone, all chill, no big deal.
- Just how many steps ahead is Gerard?
- Scalia, the ship, not the SCOTUS judge, lives.
- Apparently the nemeton is still playing a big part - there's more than one and they're targets around the world.
- All the guns are gone. Gerard has legally given them to the entire town. WHAT.

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