DBS checks in sport – the basics

Episode 4,   Dec 05, 2019, 12:28 PM

In this CPSU Podcast episode we dive into the basics of DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks. DBS checks are hugely important for safeguarding in sport clubs and organisations as they allow employers to see whether the person they are looking to employ is suitable and safe for a role.

Safeguarding in sport is all about protecting young people, anyone undertaking a role that involves contact with or responsibility for children (or other vulnerable groups such as adults at risks) should be taken through a safer recruitment process, a DBS check being one of the key onboarding procedures.

We speak to Helen and Linda from the Disclosure and Barring Service about the different levels of check available, who's eligible and how checks are carried out as well as the importance of safer recruitment and how this helps safeguarding in sport.

Take a listen to find out: 

  • what is a DBS check?
  • how does a DBS check help protect young and vulnerable people
  • how do you get a DBS check done?
  • how long is the DBS process?
  • what makes someone eligible for different levels of DBS check?

Make sure you listen to part two where Helen and Linda answer your questions about DBS checks.

Mel Addams and Lian Gaten – CPSU Information Officers
Linda and Helen
– Disclosure and Barring Service

For more information on the DBS and checks, visit the DBS website.

Make sure you visit the CPSU website for the latest information and guidance about safeguarding in sport.

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