Molly's And Swingers

Feb 02, 06:00 AM
In This Episode, The Pod Breaks down 

Stocks and investing 
  • The Game Stop Reddit Scandal
  • Dodgecoin
  • tips for starters
Chad Wheeler
Surviving TI & Tiny
  • Multiple women have accused T.I and Tiny of alleged sex trafficking and forcing them to do drugs and engage in sexual acts. Tiny’s close friend Shekinah Jo went on live to address her live where she recanted her words saying that Sabrina Paterson used to recruit girls and have threesomes and foursomes with the couple. Before this accusation, Tiny’s former friend, Sabrina Peterson accused T.I of putting a gun to her head. Tiny attempted to debunk the story and defended her husband but then Sabrina took and passed a lie detector test proving she did not lie about the fact that TI has put a gun to her head and said that he would kill her on more than one occasion.
Surviving Chris Stokes
  • Raz B has been accusing Chris Stokes Marques Houston of molesting him since 2010 - 2011.
    He has claimed all of the members of B2k were molested and forced to have sex with one another as well as other people.
    The B2k Tour was an attempt to silence Raz and discredit Raz, but because he was out there trying to get them to admit they got booty banged the tour ended and it is so much drama surrounded by all of them, members.
New Music
  • Aarab Muzik Soulful Vocals EP
  • Zaytoven Been Rappin
  • Dave East - Mercedez Talk 
Method Man Vs Wendy Williams
  • Word is Method Man was only so upset with Wendy because nobody knew about his Wife's sickness.  Word is she only knew because Meth told her during a moment of pillow talk
Nick Cannon Bails On Dr Sebi Doc
Dehaven & Choke No Joke Get at Funk Flex