Episode 6

Episode 6,  Apr 16, 2021, 08:00 AM

Three best friends sit and take a comedic approach at the only subject they know, cars.

In this weeks episode...

We discuss our car buying faux pas including...
- Jon's sisters numerous Navaras.
- An Alfa Romeo that Jon owned for about a day.
- Niall's obviously had a few amongst trying to cover up damaging (and barely fixing on a budget) his Dads car!
-Adam had a Celica GT-Four replica that also caused him issues.

Jon regales us with a couple of stories of car crashes that may or may not have happened to our friend "Raymond"
...and for the first time (probably not the last) we have our first censored bleep! As an added bonus we also have our second censored bleep! Yes, we are surprised it took as long as it did too!

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