The Great Wellbeing Farce with Samantha Clarke

Jul 01, 2021, 01:07 PM

Welcome to this episode and today I am talking about the great wellbeing farce, which has become the new big topic in the workplace. This is an important episode for Changemakers looking to really ensure the wellbeing of workers, and there are key things within this to consider. Listen as I discuss common problems with wellbeing strategies and how we can truly sustain happiness in the workplace.


“If you don’t have the right mix of people who are influencers, you will be overcome by people blocking the change and resisting it” - Samantha


1.40 - Looking at businesses exposed for toxic cultures

3.11 - How do we create a wellbeing agenda?

6.09 - What are we looking to discover within our wellbeing plan?

10.40 - Find out the problem with lots of wellbeing strategies

14.22 - Discover the key to sustaining happiness and wellbeing in a company


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