Episode 7,   Sep 01, 2022, 05:12 PM

01:23 The emotions around return to office 04:11 Are people actually returning to the office? 05:28 Why business leaders want employees back in-person 06:34 GLOMO client RTO trends 07:20 Are employees willing to return? 08:15 Study: What percentage of jobs can be done remotely? 09:00 The war for talent 09:36 Different models of remote work 09:46 Model 1: working from home 11:22 Model 2: hybrid work schedule 13:01 Model 3: flexible work schedule 13:57 Danny’s experience with flexible work hours 14:22 Unclear policies regarding unlimited time off and flex hours 16:19 What’s the best model for returning to the office? 17:11 How do gas prices impact the return to the office? 18:17 How should a company define its ideal work arrangement? 19:21 The CEO’s prerogative 20:58 Ben’s reasons for wanting an office 22:03 What does the future of the return-to-office world look like? 24:24 The role of recruitment in a post-pandemic setting 24:59 Four-day office workweeks 26:14 Study: At-home productivi

Half the full-time US workforce reported that their job could be done remotely (Gallup). Still, many companies want their employees to return to the office. Is it worth trading talent from anywhere in the world for an in-person presence? 

Ben and Danny tackle this controversial topic. They break down the trending types of remote work schedules, analyze productivity at home vs. in-office, and answer why CEOs think it’s so important to see their employees in person.

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