Scaling Up with Greencross Vets founder Dr Glen Richards

Episode 385,   Nov 08, 2022, 10:00 PM

In this episode Jesse chats to Dr. Glen Richards

Glen is the Founder of Greencross Vets, the Founder of Pet Barn, he’s been a Shark on 3 seasons of Shark Tank Australia. 

Glen is one of Australia’s wealthiest people, and this episode is not about academic theory, Glen has lived experience in starting and running business.

In this conversation Glen explains some of the fundamentals of running a dental practice, not just to grow it … but to scale it.

This is an absolute Masterclass in how to grow your business, how to think like a business owner, how to operate your business better, and (most importantly) how to increase your results and profit.

In this episode we discuss:

  • [8:01] - Writing a business plan the Glen Richards way.
  • [14:09] - Glen describes the teething problems you’ll encounter in growing and scaling your practice.
  • [27:50] - How do you grow and build your people and culture.
  • [36:20] - Going from Professional Services … to Retail.
  • [42:21] - The Shark from Shark Tank explains how to ‘pitch’ your business idea.
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