Case Study - Multiple Practice Ownership - Dr Vandana Budhwar

Episode 444,   Jan 30, 08:00 PM

In this episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast we do a deep dive on how to scale your business. 

Scaling up a business can make you more money, give you more free time, and ultimately you will design a business, rather than a job. 

Dr. Vandana Budhwa owns 2 dental practices and in this episode shares her business scale-up insights and experiences.

Dr. Budhwa explains how she was able to radically and exponentially grow her first practice through building on the good foundations that came when she bought the practice. Vandana also shares a story of a practice that she bought, but later sold, because it wasn't the right kind of practice for her.

You’ll be clear on how to gear up to be a business … versus a practice that is geared to be a self employed or job for the owner operator dentist and understand the distinctions and differences between the two. 

Vandana explains how she's built her team, how she's trained her team, what sort of systems are in place and the three key metrics for success.

This episode of The Savvy Dentist Podcast is a blueprint for scaling your business.

  • [4:10] - Defining your business and personal goals now, can design the next 10 years.
  • [8:50] - A job … versus A Business. What are the differences?
  • [12:40] - How to create a profitable business.
  • [16:45] - Learning from your mistakes. (even the expensive ones!)
  • [20:40] - Buying regional, and living metro. A blueprint for success.
  • [26:35] - Setting up a training program for your team.
  • [39:45] - The buddy system. Mentoring your team.
  • [45:32] - How to successfully run two practices in two different cities.
  • [48:38] -  The mental shift from being self employed, to being a business owner of a dental practice.
  • [51:24] - Keeping it simple works best.
  • [54:01] - What separates people that achieve … compared to those that don't?